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December 2009 UNCG Masters of Liberal Arts Graduates!

by Julee Casey Johnson

I love reviewing portfolios and reading the reflective essays of our MALS graduates each semester. While most report increased confidence, self and global awareness, and improved skills, the ‘aha’ moments that most students experience are unique. As one graduate told me, “The intellectual transformation is a given—it’s how it changes your worldview, your heart, and mind that makes this program so special.”

Enjoy this snapshot of our December graduates and their accomplishments.

  • David Arnold (Winston-Salem, NC) is Director of Donor Relations at WFU Baptist Medical Center. His MALS journey was “a powerful, healing tool” which became a form of therapy and helped him through a difficult time of tremendous loss in his life.
  • Amy Bryant (Winchester, VA) is a Legal Administration Specialist with the Department of Justice in DC. Her courses enhanced her expertise with delicate work projects and she now plans to pursue either Law School or doctoral work.
  • Peter Deane (Oregon), Kelly Sutton (Greensboro), Laraleigh Moffitt (Ramseur, NC), and Meredith Smith (Hickory, NC) are teachers. They all found that the MALS program improved their teaching and communication skills, broadened their worldviews and understanding of diverse student cultures, plus they were great role models for their students.
  • Amy Felder (Charlotte, NC) is a chef and instructor at Johnson-Wales University. Because of her MALS experience she “lives a more powerful life every day; as a writer, a teacher, and as a world citizen.”
  • Lori Giles (New Bern, NC) is a designer. The photographs in her portfolio of a vintage aluminum porch chair, sitting first by a pool, then by a bookcase, then finally strapped to the top of a van create a wonderful metaphor for her MALS journey.
  • Lachlan Ivy (Beaufort, SC) is Special Projects Coordinator for Belk and a Professional Writer/Columnist. Because of MALS her frame of reference has moved from the ‘I’ to the ‘all’ and she has greater appreciation of simplicity, beauty, and stewardship.
  • Stephen Martin (Greensboro, NC) is Speech Writer and Public Relations Manager for the Center for Creative Leadership. He credits his MALS experience with helping him become “a savvier professional and a more attentive husband and father”. He’s also submitting more essays for publication and writing poetry now.
  • Oby Nwankwo (Raleigh, NC-just returned to Nigeria) is an Operation Specialist with Fidelity Investments. Her MALS experience greatly improved her critical thinking, research and writing skills and has inspired her to continue her studies, concentrating on global health.
  • Susan Rooks (Winston-Salem, NC) is an engineer at Penn Engineering. MALS expanded her worldview, increased her self-confidence, and reignited her commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Felicia Roper (Raleigh, NC) is a retired computer geek (her words) currently volunteering in the community. MALS enlarged and enriched her own story, enabling her to “dare to see the Other as myself in another skin.”
  • Connie Styers (Greensboro, NC) is in Marketing, Nat’l Agents Alliance. Her MALS journey transformed her life, stimulated her mind, jarred her emotions, and helped her understand the value of change.
  • Sarita Williams (Washington, DC) is a police officer. She found that MALS is about education for transformation and better understands her responsibility for making the world a better place.

Congratulations to our December 2009 graduates!

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